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Check Tags

Human, Male, Female, and Chronological Tags


Used for any article that involves a human being.


Used for both humans and animals. Use the check tags denoting sex even when the concept is inherently male or female. For example articles with the term PROSTATE, must have the check tag MALE.

Chronological Tags

Used in conjunction with the publication types HISTORICAL ARTICLE, BIOGRAPHY or AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

If the material covers a time period such as 15th century through 20th century, check each time period tag covered.

Centuries begin on Jan 1 of the first year of the new century, for example Jan 1 2001 begins the 21st century.

c Ancient
d Medieval
f 15th Cent
g 16th Cent
h 17th Cent
i 18th Cent
j 19th Cent
k 20th Cent
o 21st Cent

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Last Reviewed: April 20, 2015