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Subheadings (qualifiers)

Proper Use of Subheadings

  • /physiol
  • /physiopathol

Subheading physiology
Used with organs, tissues, and cells of unicellular and multicellular organisms for normal function. It is used also with endogenous biochemical substances for their physiologic role.

This subheading is restricted to articles on normal function.

Liver function.
LIVER / *physiol


Serotonin and the neuroendocrine regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.
SEROTONIN / *physiol

Subheading physiopathology
Used with organs and diseases for disordered function in disease states.

This subheading is used with an organ for its disordered function in a disease, or with a disease for disordered physiology caused by the disease.

Liver function in hepatitis.
LIVER / *physiopathol
HEPATITIS / *physiopathol

/physiopathology is frequently misused and overused. It should be used ONLY if the article discusses physiological or functional changes in the DISEASE, NOT as a substitute for "disease" (also NOT for combined physiology and pathology of a disease).

Last Reviewed: April 15, 2015