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Category J – Technology, Food and Beverages, and Non-Medical Public and Private Facilities

Indexing Principles

Category J contains the MeSH terms for technology, industry, agriculture, food and beverages and non-medical facilities. The terms are divided into 3 subcategories.

Category J1 contains MeSH terms for concepts in the areas of:

  • agriculture
  • industry
  • industrial processes
  • industrial products and services
  • commercial processes
  • technology

Category J2 contains the MeSH terms for Food and Beverages.

Category J3 contains the MeSH terms for non-medical public and private facilities

The terms in Category J are generally self-explanatory and are usually IM. These terms cover a wide range of subjects, and many can be found in other categories as well. For example, PROTECTIVE DEVICES is in both Category J1 and Category E7 EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES; MeSH terms in Category J2 FOOD AND BEVERAGES are also in Category G7.203 DIET, FOOD, AND NUTRITION. Some MeSH terms in Category J3 can be also found in other categories such as Category I2 Education, Category K Humanities, and Category L1 Information Sciences.


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Last Reviewed: December 5, 2017