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Category D - Chemicals and Drugs


/administration & dosage /genetics
/adverse effects /history
/agonists /immunology
/analogs & derivatives /isolation & purification
/analysis /metabolism
/antagonists & inhibitors /pharmacokinetics
/biosynthesis /pharmacology
/blood /physiology
/cerebrospinal fluid /poisoning
/chemical synthesis /radiation effects
/chemistry /secretion
/classification /standards
/contraindications /supply & distribution
/deficiency /therapeutic use
/drug effects /toxicity
/economics /ultrastructure


Not every subheading above is allowed for every term in Category D. Check the "Allowable qualifiers" information in the terms MeSH entry.

Presented above is an alphabetic list of subheadings permitted with Category D terms. Because of the broad scope of the concept of chemicals, many subheadings are restricted to specific subcategories or to specific types of chemicals. The subheadings will be discussed separately in an order that reflects their broad natural grouping.

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