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MEDLINE Indexing Online Training Course

Category G - Phenomena and Processes

Indexing Principles - Pregnancy

PREGNANCY exists as a check tag and as a main heading. In articles on normal pregnancy, when the pregnancy is the point of the article, index the article with PREGNANCY - IM and, usually, with a subheading.

Immune tolerance in pregnant women
PREGNANCY /*immunol

In most cases the PREGNANCY check tag will be used instead of the IM concept.

Many specific, pregnancy-related headings are treed under the general heading Pregnancy. Always scroll down the tree in the MeSH browser to see if a more specific term is available.

Improved outcome in high risk pregnancies
HUMAN (check tag)
FEMALE (check tag)
PREGNANCY (check tag)

Diseases in pregnancy are coordinated with the term PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS or one of its specifics

Salmonella infection in a pregnant woman
HUMAN (check tag)
FEMALE (check tag)
PREGNANCY (check tag)

Last Reviewed: March 10, 2015