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Category G - Phenomena and Processes


In many cases, a subheading is not needed with the Category G terms.

Indexers should not add a redundant subheading on a Category G MeSH heading. The indexer may want to use the subheading /genet with a genetic term. This is not necessary and does not add any useful information.

Genes from E coli
E COLI /*genet
*GENES, BACTERIAL (/*genet or other subheading is not needed here)

Lymphocyte activation in the spleen
SPLEEN /*immunol
*LYMPHOCYTE ACTIVATION (/*immunol is not needed on the immunologic term LYMPHOCYTE ACTIVATION)

Indexers should not force a subheading; even though one may be allowed, it may not make sense in many cases.

Although the subheading /ethics is generally permitted with the terms in these subcategories, use common sense approach in applying this subheading. The subheading /ethics makes sense with SEX BEHAVIOR but does not make sense with INHERITANCE PATTERNS.

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