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DB / Metadata Management Program (MMP): Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging


  • The course content was developed by:
    • Tina Shrader, Head, Cataloging and Metadata Management Section
    • Barbara Bushman, Assistant Head, Cataloging and Metadata Management Section
    • Sharon Willis, Senior Cataloging Specialist
  • The online interactive content was developed by:
    • Rachel Kleinsorge, MEDLARS Management Section
    • Mary Ann Hantakas, MEDLARS Management Section
  • The online interactive content was revised by Lucy Echegoyen, Library Technology Services Section
  • All examples are current as of the 2017 release of MeSH

Additional Information

System Requirements

  • This training course was designed to work on Windows® Operating Systems with Microsoft Internet Explorer® version 7+ or with Firefox version 3+, and works best on Macintosh®computers using Mozilla Firefox™ or Opera™8+. It contains interactive review questions, for which you will need JavaScript™ enabled on your browser.

Last Reviewed: July 14, 2022