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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging


Module 8—Deconstructed Headings vs. Subject Strings: Review Questions

1. True or False: Records found in OCLC, created by NLM, look the same as they do in LocatorPlus.

2. NLM records geographic terms in a 651 field. In a MARC 21 distributed record with other 650 fields, this geographic term would be recorded in a:

3. The following subjects appear on a record in the NLM file:
650 12 $a Retirement $x economics
650 22 $a Aged $9n
651 _2 $a United States
655 _2 $a Statistics

In a MARC 21 distributed record the subjects would appear as:

4. In a MARC 21 distributed record, the 655 Statistics could be appended as a $v to which 650 term(s)?

5. The MARC 21 distributed record has the following subjects.
650 12 $a Health Policy $z France $v Periodicals.
650 12 $a Health Policy $z Italy $v Periodicals.

How would they properly appear in the NLM file?

6. A language subfield is appended to distributed records