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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging

Module 2— Supplementary Concept Records (SCR)

Supplementary Concept Records (SCR)

  • SCR records are created for some chemicals, drugs, and other concepts such as rare diseases. They are labeled as “MeSH Supplementary Concept Data” and the unique ID begins with the letter "C." Generally, these terms are lower-cased. They have two tabs: Details and Concepts.

  • Catalogers are not permitted to use these terms and instead should use the descriptor(s) listed under Heading Mapped to

Screen capture of MeSH Browser showing a Supplementary Concept Record with Name of Substance usnic acid and a red arrow pointing to Heading Mapped to Benzofurans.


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Last Reviewed: July 28, 2017