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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging

MeSH Browser Home Page

Screen capture of the main MeSH Browser search screen with red arrow pointing to Find Exact Term.

1—Navigate from tree top button. Allows searching for descriptors by navigating through the tree structure (Cf. Module 3 Searching Using the Trees)

2—Version of MeSH Browser. Indicates the current version of MeSH with an alternate link to the previous or upcoming MeSH vocabulary year.

3—MeSH on Demand. Tool that can automatically identify relevant MeSH descriptors from text that is input by the user. (For more information see

4—MeSH vocabulary suggestions. New MeSH descriptors or changes to existing descriptors may be recommended by anyone inside or outside the library as they are encountered in scientific literature at

Search-related Areas on MeSH Home Page (Cf. Module 3 Searching MeSH Browser)

     5—Find Term buttons

Find Exact Term. Searches for exact term/phrase user inputs in search box

Find Terms with ALL Fragments. All search terms input must be present in the search results in any order

Find Terms with ANY Fragment. Any search term(s) input can be present in the search results

     6—Search Options – look-up may be restricted by choosing one of the radio buttons

All Terms. Searches for Main Heading Terms or Qualifier Terms or Supplementary Concept Terms. (User may also restrict search to one of these)

MeSH Unique ID. Searches for exact MeSH unique identifier

Text words in Annotation & Scope Note. Searches for words in the Annotation or Scope Note fields

Search in these fields of records for chemicals. One or more fields may be specified