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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging

Stringing Methods

  • Geographic terms (651 field) and publication types (655 field) attach as $z and $v respectively to the 650 field(s) in record distribution. The capitalization of each subfield is retained in the string
  • Language is appended as a $x to the end of the subject string only for the following publication types: Dictionary, Encyclopedias, Phrases, or Terminology. It is taken from the 041 $a in the NLM record. The coded form is converted to the full language name. This is the sole exception to the policy of only allowing one $x in each 650 field
  • A period is added at the end of the string
  • If the record contains multiple geographic terms or multiple publication types the topical heading will be repeated for each. $z and $v are combined in one 650 but $z and $v are not repeatable
    • In NLM files
      • 650 12 $a Quality of Health Care
      • 651 _2 $a Canada
      • 651 _2 $a United States
      • 655 _2 $a Handbooks
    • MARC21 distribution
      • 650 12 $a Quality of Health Care $z Canada $v Handbooks.
      • 650 12 $a Quality of Health Care $z United States $v Handbooks.