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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging

Module 2— Descriptor Records

Pharm Action

  • Reference to a descriptor describing the functional aspect of a chemical (pharmacological action) which is often coordinated with the chemical
    • Example
      • Aspirin can be used to treat inflammation, dissolve blood clots, or prevent aggregation of blood platelets so the record contains references to Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Non-Steroidal; Fibrinolytic Agents; Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors; Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors; and Antipyretics

NLM Classification #

  • The NLM Classification number is shown when a MeSH descriptor points to a single number in the NLM Classification
    • Example
      • The record for Adolescent Health has the NLM Classification number WS 460

Entry Combination

  • Certain descriptor/qualifier combinations are prohibited. Instead of this combination, a pre-coordinated Descriptor (following the colon) is to be used.
    • The qualifier prevention & control cannot be used with the descriptor Accidents; instead of this combination, the descriptor Accident Prevention should be used.
    • Example:

Screen capture of MeSH Browser showing the Entry Combination prevention & control: Accident Prevention.

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