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Cataloging and Metadata Management: Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH®) in Cataloging

Entry Terms

  • Entry terms, sometimes called "See cross-references" in printed listings, are synonyms, alternate forms, and other closely related terms

See Also References

  • Also known as "associative relationships"
  • Used for a variety of relationships between descriptor records where a user of one descriptor is pointed to another descriptor which also may be relevant
    • Example
      • Relationship between a disease and its cause
        • Factor XIII Deficiencysee also Factor XIIIa
      • Between an organ and a physiological process
        • Bone and Bonessee also Osteogenesis
      • Between an organ and a drug acting on it
        • Bronchisee also Bronchoconstrictor Agents
      • Between an organ and a procedure
        • Bile Ductssee also Cholangiography