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California Wildfires. 2007 Sep-Oct:e1


Grant Numbers. 2010 Jan-Feb:e2

PubMed Central. 2010 Jan-Feb:e1


Subset in PubMed Updated. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2008 Jan-Feb:e7; 2009 Jan-Feb:e12; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9; 2012 Jan-Feb:b6

Cancer (journal). 1998 Sep-Oct:8

Cancer-related Citation Access Improved in PubMed. 2003 Mar-Apr:e9


Automatic SDI Service Ceases. 1998 Sep-Oct:e3

Chapter Added to Online Services Reference Manual. 1997 May-Jun:2

NCI Web Site Availability. 1998 Sep-Oct:e1

Publication Type (PT) Field Error. 1997 Jul-Aug:2

Retired. 2003 Mar-Apr:e9

Subset Added to PubMed. 2003 Mar-Apr:e11

Carcinogenic Potency Database

Accessible via TOXNET. 2008 Jan-Feb:e4


AACR2. 2003 Jan-Feb:e5; 2004 May-Jun:e7; 2004 Nov-Dec:e2

Accession Numbers Added to Non-print (AV) Materials in General Collection.. 2004 Nov-Dec:e5

Addition of Fixed Field Coding for Electronic Resources. 2004 Nov-Dec:e11

Artificially Reconstructed Subject Strings

Authority Records in LocatorPlus. 2003 Jan-Feb:e4

BIBCO Standard Record (BSR) Level Cataloging for Original Print Monographs. 2010 Jan-Feb:e3

Cataloging News. 2001 Nov-Dec:e12; 2003 Jan-Feb:e1; 2003 Nov-Dec:e9; 2004 Nov-Dec:e11; 2005 Nov-Dec:e15; 2006 Nov-Dec:e4; 2008 Nov-Dec:e22; 2010 Nov-Dec:e8

Cessation of Print Abridged Index Medicus. 2004 Nov-Dec:e11

Cessation of Print Index Medicus. 2004 Nov-Dec:e11

Changes to General Material Designations. 2001 Nov-Dec:e12

Citing Medicine Added to NCBI Bookshelf. 2007 Sep-Oct:e5

Classification Number. 2010 Mar-Apr:e20

Language Codes Updated. 2009 Nov-Dec:e3

Linking ISSN. 2009 Nov-Dec:e3

Monographs, Print. 2010 Jan-Feb:e3

NLM Classification. 2010 Mar-Apr:e20; 2010 Nov-Dec:e8

Publication Types. 2010 Nov-Dec:e8

Resource Description and Access (RDA). 2009 Nov-Dec:e3; 2010 Nov-Dec:e8; 2011 Jan-Feb:e3

Series. 2010 Jan-Feb:e3

Updates. 2010 Jan-Feb:e3; 2010 Nov-Dec:e8.

Using Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in Cataloging. 2009 May-Jun:e2

Show Off Your Apps: Innovative Uses of NLM Information. 2011 Mar-Apr:e22

Classification Number see NLM Classification Number

CONSER Standard Guidelines. 2007 Mar-Apr:e2

Copy Cataloging Expanded to Include OCLC Records. 1997 Jul-Aug:2

Cutter Practice for W2 Serials. 2006 Jul-Aug:e5

NLM Bibliographic Control Numbers in OCLC WorldCat. 2001 Mar-Apr:e5

NLM Classification

Serials Published Simultaneously in Print and Online. 2002 Jan-Feb:e9

Series. 2008 Nov-Dec:e22

Standardization or Deletion of List of Journals Indexed-Subject Headings. 2004 Nov-Dec:e11

Summary Notes. 2008 Nov-Dec:e22

Table of Contents. 2008 Nov-Dec:e22

Translated Titles. 2007 Mar-Apr:e3

Updates. 2004 Nov-Dec:e11; 2005 Nov-Dec:e15; 2006 Nov-Dec:e4; 2008 Nov-Dec:e22

Category B Journals Eliminated. 1998 Nov-Dec:e1

Category (MeSH) Searching. 2005 Mar-Apr:e2

Category V Terms

Changes for 2007. 2006 Sep-Oct:e2


Access via the ILS. 1998 Jul-Aug:e2

Correction to Article AVLINE and CATLINE Data to be Removed From Other NLM Databases. 1999 Jan-Feb:e1

Data Available in LocatorPlus. 1999 Mar-Apr:e2

Data To Be Removed From Derived Files. 1998 Sep-Oct:e7

Frozen.1998 Jul-Aug:e2

MARC Subfield Code Used for Form Subheadings. 1997 Sep-Oct:7

Non-NLM Monographs Deleted. 1997 Sep-Oct:7

Rebuilt With 1998 MeSH. 1997 Sep-Oct:7

CCRIS see Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 2001 Nov-Dec:e8

CER see Comparative Effectiveness Research & You The Video 2011 Mar-Apr:e2

Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System (CCRIS)

Searchable in NLM Gateway. 2005 Sep-Oct:e1

Chemical Searching. 1997 Jan-Feb:6; 2000 Mar-Apr:e3; 2001 Nov-Dec:e7; 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2007 May-Jun:e1; 2007 Jul-Aug:e1; 2007 Nov-Dec:e5


EPA Master Testing List Added to SUPERLIST. 1997 May-Jun:8


Advanced Version Available. 2004 Sep-Oct:e1

Chemical Warfare Agents. 2005 Mar-Apr:e1

Introduced. 2000 Mar-Apr:e3

Lite Interface. 2004 Mar-Apr:e1

New Searching Features. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1; 2007 May-Jun:e1

Overview. 2006 May-Jun:e7

Skill Kit. 2006 May-Jun:e7

Spell Check. 2004 Mar-Apr:e1

Structure Notations.

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry "Glossary of Terms Used in Toxicology" Added. 2007 Jul-Aug:e1

CHEMLINE Removed From ELHILL. 1997 Sep-Oct:7

Chinese Characters.
Romanization Scheme 2001 May-Jun:e1; 2002 Nov-Dec:e8

Translated Titles for Cataloging Cease. 2007 Mar-Apr:e3

Cholera Online: A Modern Pandemic in Texts and Images. 2007 Nov-Dec:e7

Cholera Resources. 2010 Nov-Dec:e1

Citation Maintenance. 2001 May-Jun:e1

Citation Matcher. 1998 Mar-Apr:e3; 2009 Nov-Dec:e4

New URL. 2010 Jul-Aug:e5

Citation Sensor

Introduced. 2008 May-Jun:e10

Search Clinic. 2008 Jul-Aug:e1

Cites 2011 Nov-Dec:e6a

Field Added to MEDLINE. 2009 Nov-Dec:e8

Class Update Date (CU) Field Expanded to Four Digits. 1997 Sep-Oct:1

Classification Number. 2004 Nov-Dec:e5; 2009 Mar-Apr:e19; 2012 May-Jun:e1

Clearinghouse. 2002 Jul-Aug:e2

Clinical Advisory -- Indexing Ceased January 1, 2012. See the NIH Clinical Alerts and Advisories homepage for a complete list.

Commonly Used Three-drug Regimen for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Found Harmful: NIH Stops One Treatment Arm of Trial; Other Two Treatments to Continue. 2011 Sep-Oct:e15

Ovarian Cancer. 2006 Jan-Feb:e1

RSS Feed Available. 2006 Sep-Oct:e1

Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes Trial: NINDS Stops Treatment with Combination Antiplatelet Therapy (Clopidogrel plus Aspirin) Due to Higher Risk of Major Hemorrhage and Death. 2011 Sep-Oct:e6

Clinical Alerts -- Indexing Ceased January 1, 2012. See the NIH Clinical Alerts and Advisories homepage for a complete list.

Available Online. 2000 Jan-Feb:e3

Blood Clots. 2003 Jan-Feb:e1

Breast Cancer. 2002 Jul-Aug:e1; 2003 Sep-Oct:e1

Diabetes. 2001 Jul-Aug:e1

Emphysema. 2001 Jul-Aug:e1

Estrogen-Alone Study. 2004 Mar-Apr:e1

HIV/AIDS. 2006 Jan-Feb:e1

HIV Infection (AACTG Protocol A5095). 2003 Mar-Apr:e1

HIV Vaccine Trials Discontinued. 2007 Sep-Oct:e1

LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis). 2001 Nov-Dec:e1

Macular Degeneration. 2001 Nov-Dec:e1

RSS Feed.
RSS Feed Available. 2006 Sep-Oct:e1

Sickle Cell Anemia. 2004 Nov-Dec:e1

Women's Health Study. 2004 Mar-Apr:e1

Clinical Effectiveness

PubMed Health. 2011 Sep-Oct:e9; 2011 Nov-Dec:e12

Clinical Methods: The History, Physical, and Laboratory Examinations. 3rd ed. Added to Bookshelf. 2005 Sep-Oct:e1

Clinical Prediction Guides

Added to PubMed Clinical Queries. 2005 May-Jun:e7

Clinical Queries in PubMed.

Advanced Search Link. 2009 Jan-Feb:e1

Changes. 2004 Jan-Feb:e1

Clinical Prediction Guides Added. 2005 May-Jun:e7

Healthy People 2010 Added. 2005 Jul-Aug:e1

Links Added to MeSH Database. 2004 Mar-Apr:e2

New URL. 2010 Jul-Aug:e5

Page Redesign. 2004 Nov-Dec:e1


Clinical Trials (RCT or CCT) Identification in MEDLINE. 1999 Nov-Dec:e2; 2002 Nov-Dec:e4

2011 Conference. 2011 May-Jun:e2

Added to NLM Gateway. 2003 Jan-Feb:e6 Identifier Added to MEDLINE/PubMed Data. 2005 May-Jun:e13

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Searches. 2010 Mar-Apr:e17

Debut. 2000 Jan-Feb:e3

Expanded Access. 2009 Nov-Dec:e5

Expanded Capabilities. 2002 Jul-Aug:e5

Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act of 2007 (FDAAA 801). 2008 Sep-Oct:e15

Includes Basic Results Data. 2008 Sep-Oct:e15

Map of Locations Feature. 2004 Jan-Feb:e1; 2007 Sep-Oct:e2

New User Interface. 2007 Sep-Oct:e2

PDA Access. 2003 Jul-Aug:e5

PubMed Search Links Added. 2005 Sep-Oct:e5

Registration Instructions. 2007 Sep-Oct:e2

Scope Expanded. 2005 Jul-Aug:e6; 2007 Sep-Oct:e2

Training. 2003 Sep-Oct:e3; 2004 Jul-Aug:e7; 2005 Jul-Aug:e5; 2006 Jul-Aug:e7; 2007 Sep-Oct:e1; 2011 Sep-Oct:e4

Training Materials. 2003 Jul-Aug:e1; 2004 Jan-Feb:e1; 2005 Jul-Aug:e1; 2005 Nov-Dec:e1; 2006 May-Jun:e1; 2006 Sep-Oct:e1; 2007 Nov-Dec:e1; 2008 Mar-Apr:e8; 2008 Nov-Dec:e12

Cloning and Genetic Engineering. 1997 Mar-Apr:2

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Added to MEDLINE. 2002 Jan-Feb:e6

Coffee Break

Added to Bookshelf. 2003 Nov-Dec:e5

"Don't put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear: the genetics of ear wax." 2006 Nov-Dec:e1

Features Added. 2003 Nov-Dec:e5

Launch of NCBI's Coffee Break. 1999 Sep-Oct:e1

"Microbial Diversity: Let's Tell It How It Is." 2004 Mar-Apr:e1

"What you see is not what you get! DNA barcoding is helping scientists unveil nature's most hidden diversity." 2005 Jul-Aug:e1

Cognition Disorders, Tree Number Correction. 1997 Sep-Oct:2

Collaborators see Investigator Field (IR)

Collaborator Names. 2008 Mar-Apr:e2

Collection Development Manual of the National Library of Medicine, 4th ed., Web Version Available 2004 Nov-Dec:e4

Collection Development. NLM. Journal Donation Program. 2009 Mar-Apr:e9


Added to PubMed Send To Menu. 2008 Mar-Apr:e10

Changing the Name of a My NCBI Collection. 2007 Mar-Apr:e6

My NCBI Feature. 2006 Jan-Feb:e6; 2011 Sep-Oct:e13

NLM Gateway Redesigned. 2008 Jan-Feb:e9

Collective Name see Corporate Author

Command Language Searchers. PubMed Help. 1998 May-Jun:e1

Policy. 2005 Jan-Feb:e1

PubMed. 2003 Mar-Apr:e14; 2002 Mar-Apr:e4; 2002 Jan-Feb:e2; 2005 Nov-Dec:e7; 2006 Nov-Dec:e5

Comments (CM) Field Added to BIOETHICSLINE. 1997 Mar-Apr:1

Commercial Search Engines

Results Link to PubMed Citations. 2005 Mar-Apr:e3

Comparative Effectiveness Research. 2010 Mar-Apr:e17

PubMed Health. 2011 Sep-Oct:e9; 2011 Nov-Dec:e12

Complementary Medicine

Subset in PubMed Updated. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2008 Jan-Feb:e7; 2009 Jan-Feb:e12; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9; 2012 Jan-Feb:b6

Conference Name

Searching the NLM Catalog Quick Tour. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1

Conference Proceedings Abstracts. 2002 Sep-Oct:e2; 2006 Jan-Feb:e1

CONSER see Co-operative Online Serials Program (CONSER)

CONSER Standard Guidelines

Creating Serial Records. 2007 Mar-Apr:e2

Consumer Health

PubMed Health. 2011 Sep-Oct:e9 ; 2011 Nov-Dec:e12

Arctic Health Web Site. 2001 Nov-Dec:e1

Asian American Health Site. 2003 May-Jun:e1

Collections Added to NLM Gateway. 2003 Nov-Dec:e2

Genetics Home Reference. 2003 May-Jun:e4

Journals. 1998 Mar-Apr:e1; 2007 Nov-Dec:e2

Medical Encyclopedia Added to MedlinePlus. 2000 Mar-Apr:e1

MedMaster Patient Drug Information

NIHSeniorHealth. 2003 Sep-Oct:e1; 2008 Jul-Aug:e8; 2012 Mar-Apr:e2

ToxMystery. 2006 Sep-Oct:e1; 2007 Sep-Oct:e1; 2008 Jul-Aug:e9

Women's Health Resources. 2008 Mar-Apr:e7


Exhibition. 2010 Mar-Apr:e1

CONTAINS Command Hint. 1997 Mar-Apr:7

Contract Dispute. 1997 Jan-Feb:2; 1997 Mar-Apr:2

Contributor Names. 2008 Mar-Apr:e2

Convergent Medical Terminology, see also Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)

Convergent Medical Terminology. 2011 Sep-Oct:e2

  • Subsets. 2012 Jan-Feb:b3

    • Cardiology Problem List.
    • Ophthalmology Problem List.

Co-operative Online Serials Program (CONSER)

Change in Treatment of Serial. 1997 May-Jun:11

Implementation of CONSER Standard Guidelines. 2007 Mar-Apr:e2

Corporate Author (CN)

Added. 1999 Nov-Dec:e6; 2001 Jan-Feb:e2

Appears in PubMed Display Format. 2003 Mar-Apr:e14

Authority File in LocatorPlus. 2003 Jan-Feb:e4

Collaborator Names Included. 2008 Mar-Apr:e2

Number of Authors per MEDLINE/PubMed Citation. 2006 Jul-Aug:e1

PubMed Displays of Author Names. 2006 May-Jun:e2

PubMed Search Links. 2005 May-Jun:e15

Searching the NLM Catalog Quick Tour. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1


Correction Policy for NLM Technical Bulletin on the Web. 1998 Jan-Feb:e1

Correction to Article, AVLINE and CATLINE Data To Be Removed From Other NLM Databases. 1999 Jan-Feb:e1

Correction to Article, Year-End Processing. 1999 Nov-Dec:e2

COSMO (Virtual Customer Service Representative). 2003 Jul-Aug:e2

The Cradle-Books: Illustrated Incunabula. 2010 May-Jun:e15

Crick, Francis. Materials Added to Profiles in Science. 2005 Mar-Apr:e1

Crude Oil and Dispersants

HSDB. 2010 Sep-Oct:e4

Cubby. 1999 May-Jun:e2

Deactiviation. 2005 Nov-Dec:e1

Inactive Accounts Canceled. 2004 Mar-Apr:e1

E-mail. 2003 Jul-Aug:e3

Quick Tour. 2003 Sep-Oct:e1

Cumulated Index Medicus (CIM) Ceases Publication. 2001 Jul-Aug:e3; 2001 Jul-Aug:e9a

Current Bibliographies in Medicine (CBM). 1999 Jan-Feb:e1

Customer Service

COSMO (Virtual Customer Service Representative). 2003 Jul-Aug:e2

E-Mail Address. 1998 Mar-Apr:e1

FAQs Link Added to NLM Home Page. 1999 Jan-Feb:e1

Customer Service Staff, MEDLARS. Photograph. 1997 Mar-Apr:3

New Phone System. 1997 Mar-Apr:3

Phone Number Discontinued. 1998 Mar-Apr:e1

Service Desk Hours Change. 1998 Nov-Dec:e1

Surveys. 2004 May-Jun:e1

Cutter Practice. 2006 Jul-Aug:e5

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