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Sabin, Florence. Materials Added to Profiles in Science. 2003 Sep-Oct:e1

SARS, see Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Saved Search Results. 2007 Nov-Dec:e1; 2008 Sep-Oct:e11

My NCBI Collections

Year - End Processing Skill Kit. 2007 Nov-Dec:e14

Saving Searches Quick Tour. 2005 Jul-Aug:e1

Changing Saved Searches. 2007 Nov-Dec:e1

Sawyer, Wilbur Augustus. Materials Added to Profiles in Science. 2004 Sep-Oct:e1

SDI Service, see Automatic SDI

Search Clinic

Building a Search Using Search Builder. 2010 Mar-Apr:e14

Changes to PubMed. 2008 Jul-Aug:e1

Chemicals and Drugs in PubMed. 2007 Jul-Aug:e1

Search Clouds

MedlinePlus. 2009 May-Jun:e10

MedlinePlus en Español. 2009 May-Jun:e10

Search Details Ad

Turn On/Off. 2010 Jan-Feb:e9

Search Engine

Finding Aids.

MedlinePlus Go Local

NLM Web Site

Secondary Source Identifier (SI) Identifier Appears in the SI Element. 2005 May-Jun:e13

GENBANK. 1997 Sep-Oct:3; 1997 Nov-Dec:2

GEO Accession Numbers Appear in SI Field. 2006 Mar-Apr:e5

ISRCTN Appears in the SI Element. 2006 Mar-Apr:e9

PubChem. 2007 Jan-Feb:e2

PubMed Search Links Added. 2005 Sep-Oct:e5

RefSeq. 2006 Sep-Oct:e7

Selectively Indexed Journal Titles Reduced. 1999 Nov-Dec:e6

SeniorHealth see NIHSeniorHealth

September 11, 2001 Events. Indexing Policy. 2001 Nov-Dec:e4

Sequence Read Archive Discontinued. 2011 Jan-Feb:e15


Cataloging. 2002 Jan-Feb:e9

LinkOut Interface. 2002 Jul-Aug:e4

Updating Serial Holdings in DOCLINE® and OCLC.®. 2004 Sep-Oct:e3

Serial Holdings

DOCLINE. 2009 Jul-Aug:e2

Serial Records

Implementation of CONSER Standard Guidelines. 2007 Mar-Apr:e2


Searching the NLM Catalog Quick Tour. 2006 Mar-Apr:e1


Data Available in LocatorPlus. 1999 Mar-Apr:e2

Data Distribution Continues in ELHILL Format. 1998 Jul-Aug:e2

Electronic Journals. 2002 Jan-Feb:e9

File Update. 1998 Nov-Dec:e1

Location Codes Deleted. 1997 Jul-Aug:2

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Citations Linked from PubMed Home Page. 2003 May-Jun:e1

MeSH Descriptor Added. 2003 Mar-Apr:e1

Resources on NCBI Genome Page. 2003 May-Jun:e1

"Send to" Menu Added to PubMed. 2002 Nov-Dec:e7

Shared Account Settings in My NCBI. 2005 Jul-Aug:e7

Show Off Your Apps: Innovative Uses of NLM Information. 2011 Mar-Apr:e22

Singer, Maxine Frank.

Materials Added to Profiles in Science. 2007 Nov-Dec:e1

Single Citation Matcher

Autocomplete for Author Names Added. 2005 May-Jun:e10

First Author Search Added. 2005 May-Jun:e3

Full Author Searching Added. 2005 May-Jun:e4

New URL. 2010 Jul-Aug:e5

Title Word Searching. 2001 May-Jun:e5

Updates. 2003 Jul-Aug:e8

Skill Kit

Basic Searching of the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB®). 2007 Mar-Apr:e12

Collections in My NCBI. 2010 May-Jun:e18

Customize the Display of Your NLM Gateway Search Results. 2006 Mar-Apr:e7

Effects of Year - End Processing (YEP) on Saved Searches or RSS Feeds. 2007 Nov-Dec:e14

Keeping Up with What's New @ NLM. 2007 May-Jun:e5

NIH Manuscript Submission System - Get the Help you Need. 2008 Jan-Feb:e6

Overview of Resources from the Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (TEHIP). 2006 May-Jun:e7

PubMed Central ID and PubMed. 2008 Sep-Oct:e6

Recent Activity in My NCBI. 2010 May-Jun:e18

Retrieving Citations from a Journal Issue in PubMed. 2005 Nov-Dec:e14

Searching for Phrases in PubMed. 2011 Jan-Feb:e4

Searching Full Author Names in PubMed. 2009 Mar-Apr:e12

Truncation in PubMed. 2006 Jan-Feb:e7

Using History to Combine Searches in PubMed.2007 May-Jun:e2

Smallpox Information. 2001 Nov-Dec:e8; 2006 Jan-Feb:e1

SMILES. 2007 May-Jun:e1

SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT). 2009 Nov-Dec:e1; 2011 May-Jun:e3; 2011 Jul-Aug:e8; 2011 Jul-Aug:e11; 2011 Nov-Dec:e3

Clinical Observations Recording and Encoding (CORE) Subset Available. 2009 Jul-Aug:e6; 2012 Jan-Feb:b11

Clinical Terms Added to UMLS. 2003 Jul-Aug:e1

International Classification of Diseases, 9th revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM). 2009 Nov-Dec:e7; 2011 Sep-Oct:e2; 2012 May-Jun:b3

International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM). 2010 Nov-Dec:e3

Laboratory Test Terminology. 2009 Mar-Apr:e20

New Release Available. 2008 Jan-Feb:e12; 2012 Jan-Feb:b8

Nursing Problem List Subset. 2011 Mar-Apr:e25

Route of Administration Subset Available. 2012 Jan-Feb:b11

US Extension to SNOMED CT. 2011 Sep-Oct:e2

USCRS see U.S. SNOMED CT Content Request System

U.S. SNOMED CT Content Request System (USCRS). 2011 Sep-Oct:e10

Social Media

Twitter. 2010 Mar-Apr:e4; 2011 Sep-Oct:e4;

Social Networking

Facebook. 2010 Mar-Apr:e2

Soper, Fred L. Materials Added to Profiles in Science. 2003 May-Jun:e1

Sort Feature Added to PubMed. 2001 Jul-Aug:e10

Sort by Title. 2008 May-Jun:e16

Space Life Sciences

Data Hiatus Ceased. 2005 Mar-Apr:e1

Meeting Abstracts. 2011 Nov-Dec:e5

NLM and NASA Collaborative Arrangement for Space Life Sciences Data Ceases. 2006 Jan-Feb:e1

Space Life Sciences Subset Added to PubMed. 2001 Sep-Oct:e3

Space Life Sciences. Subset in PubMed Updated. 2009 Jan-Feb:e12


CATLINE and AVLINE Data To Be Removed. 1998 Sep-Oct:e7

Citations Added To Gateway. 2001 Sep-Oct:e2

Citations Added To PubMed. 2001 Sep-Oct:e2

Monographic Citations Added To LocatorPlus. 2002 Jul-Aug:e3

NLM and NASA Collaborative Arrangement for Space Life Sciences Data Ceases. 2006 Jan-Feb:e1

New SPACELINE Brochure Available. 1999 Sep-Oct:e1

Special Library Association (SLA) Annual Meeting

SLA 2009. 2009 May-Jun:e15

Special Populations: Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. 2008 Jan-Feb:e8

Special Queries

Added to PubMed Side Bar. 2005 Mar-Apr:e1

Advanced Search Link. 2009 Jan-Feb:e1

Electronic Health Records. 2009 Jul-Aug:e5

Health Literacy. 2005 Jul-Aug:e1; 2007 Nov-Dec:e10; 2010 May-Jun:e24; 2011 Mar-Apr:e23

Healthy People 2010. 2006 Nov-Dec:e1

Research Reporting Guidelines and Initiatives. 2010 Jan-Feb:e5

Smallpox. 2006 Jan-Feb:e1

Veterinary Medicine/Animal Health. 2007 May-Jun:e1

Specialized Information Services (SIS) see also Enviro-Health Links

ALTBIB. 2005 Sep-Oct:e1

Animals in Disaster. 2010 Sep-Oct:e8.

Bed Bugs and Pesticides. 2010 Sep-Oct:e8.

Carcinogenic Potency Database. 2008 Jan-Feb:e4

California Wildfires. 2007 Sep-Oct:e1

Developing and Using Medicines for Children. 2011 Sep-Oct:e3

Dietary Supplements Labels Database. 2007 Sep-Oct:e1; 2009 Jan-Feb:e12

Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) Page Redesigned. 2010 Sep-Oct:e16

Disaster Recovery and Environmental Health. 2008 May-Jun:e15; 2009 Jan-Feb:e3; 2010 Jan-Feb:e10; 2010 Nov-Dec:e1

Drug Information Portal. 2008 Jan-Feb:e11; 2008 Nov-Dec:e3

Epigenomics. 2011 Mar-Apr:e6

Haiti Earthquake. 2010 Jan-Feb:e10; 2010 Nov-Dec:e1

Hazardous Substances Data Bank Symposium, Videocast. 2009 May-June:e14

Haz-Map Database. 2003 Jan-Feb:e7

Health Hotlines. 2010 May-Jun:e23

Homepage redesigned. 2005 May-Jun:e1

InfoSIDA. 2007 May-Jun:e1

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) "Glossary of Terms Used in Toxicology" Added. 2007 Jul-Aug:e1


Overview. 2006 May-Jun:e7

Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM). 2007 Mar-Apr:e1; 2008 Mar-Apr:e13; 2010 May-Jun:e6; 2010 May-Jun:e12; 2011 Mar-Apr:e21; 2011 Jul-Aug:e7

RSS News Feed Available. 2006 May-Jun:e1

Search Engine. 2007 Sep-Aug:e6

Skill Kit. 2006 May-Jun:e7

Special Populations

Tox Town

TOXMAP Updates. 2010 Jul-Aug:e12; 2011 Jan-Feb:e13; 2011 Nov-Dec:e11; 2012 Jan-Feb:b4; 2012 Jan-Feb:b5

ToxMystery. 2006 Sep-Oct:e1; 2007 Sep-Oct:e1; 2008 Jul-Aug:e9

ToxNet Updates. 2011 Jan-Feb:e13; 2012 Jan-Feb:b4; 2012 Jan-Feb:b5

ToxSeek. 2007 Mar-Apr:e1

View TRI facilities and Superfund sites in San Diego County, CA. 2007 Sep-Oct:e1

Water Pollution. 2011 Mar-Apr:e6

Web Resources

Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER)

WISER for Smartphone is now available. 2007 Sep-Oct:e1; 2011 Jul-Aug:e15

WISER Version 4.3 Available. 2009 Sep-Oct:e6; 2009 Nov-Dec:e6

WISER Version 4.4 Available. 2011 Mar-Apr:e13

Women's Health Resources. 2008 Mar-Apr:e7

Spell Checking Feature Added to NLM Catalog. 2005 Jul-Aug:e1; 2005 Jul-Aug:e1

Spell Check Available in NLM Gateway. 2003 Nov-Dec:e2

Spell Checking Feature Added to PubMed. 2004 Nov-Dec:e12

Spellings, British. 2003 Mar-Apr:e7

Spiegelman, Sol 2007 Jul-Aug:e1

Spinal Cord Medicine: Principles and Practice Added to Bookshelf. 2005 Sep-Oct:e1


Baseline Data Statistics Available for 2005. 2005 May-Jun:e1

Status Tags. 2003 Mar-Apr:e14; 2003 Nov-Dec:e1; 2003 Nov-Dec:e6; 2006 Jan-Feb:e1


PubMed and Title Searching. 2008 Sep-Oct:e10

Structured Abstracts 2008 May-Jun:e13; 2010 Jul-Aug:e11; 2011 Sep-Oct:e7


Subheading Consolidation Decision, MeSH. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1

Subheading Searching in PubMed. 2004 May-Jun:e1


Searching PubMed by Author and Subject Quick Tour. 2004 Jul-Aug:e1

PubMed Simple Subject Search Example Quick Tour. 2004 Jul-Aug:e1

Subject Headings. 2005 Sep-Oct:e6

Subject Terms

Indexed Journals.

Subsets. 1999 Jan-Feb:e3; 1999 Nov-Dec:e1

AIDS. 1999 Jan-Feb:e3

Bioethics. 2001 Sep-Oct:e3; 2007 Jan-Feb:e1

Cancer. 2003 Mar-Apr:e11; 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9

Clinical Queries. 2011 Jul-Aug:e10

Complementary Medicine. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9

Consumer Health Journal. 2007 Nov-Dec:e2

Dietary Supplements Subset. 2010 Sep-Oct:e11.; 2010 Nov-Dec:e5.; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9

History of Medicine. 2001 Nov-Dec:e5; 2006 Nov-Dec:e1; 2007 Jan-Feb:e1

"In Process" and "Publisher" Removed from Pull-down Menu. 2002 Nov-Dec:e6

Space Life Sciences. 2001 Sep-Oct:e3; 2005 Mar-Apr:e1; 2007 Jan-Feb:e1

Special Queries

Subject Strategies Update. 2004 Jan-Feb:e1; 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2008 Jan-Feb:e7; 2009 Jan-Feb:e12; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9; 2012 Jan-Feb:b6

Systematic Reviews. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2011 Jul-Aug:e10

Toxicology. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9

Veterinary Science. 2010 Nov-Dec:e5; 2011 Jan-Feb:e9

Substance Registration System – Unique Ingredient Identifier (UNII). 2010 Jul-Aug:e4

Suggestions for Authors Web Site. 2003 Jul-Aug:e1

Summary for Patients in PubMed. 2002 Mar-Apr:e4; 2009 Mar-Apr:e6

Supplementary Concept Records (SCR)

Changes. 2001 Nov-Dec:e7

EC/CAS Registry Numbers [EC/RN]. 1999 Nov-Dec:e2

Elevated to MeSH Headings. 2003 Nov-Dec:e6; 2004 Nov-Dec:e9; 2005 Nov-Dec:e7

Name of Substance (NM). 2003 Nov-Dec:e4; 2003 Nov-Dec:e6; 2007 Jul-Aug:e1

New Guidelines for the Structure and Nomenclature. 2003 Mar-Apr:e10

Pharmacological Action (PA). 2002 Nov-Dec:e4; 2003 Jul-Aug:e6; 2003 Nov-Dec:e6; 2003 Nov-Dec:e7; 2004 Nov-Dec:e9; 2007 Jul-Aug:e1

Pharmacological Action Policy. 2005 Nov-Dec:e7

Proteins Policy. 2002 Nov-Dec:e4

Searching. 2007 Jul-Aug:e1

Surcharge Eliminated for Non-U.S. Database Users and Licensees. 1997 Jul-Aug:3


Customer Services Satisfaction. 2004 May-Jun:e1

NLM Gateway. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1

NLM Web Site Users. 2003 Nov-Dec:e1

NTCC Educational Database Visitor Profile. 2004 Jul-Aug:e1

PubMed Customer Satisfaction Survey. 2004 Nov-Dec:e1

Summary for Patients Policy. 2005 Jan-Feb:e1

Swine Flu. 2009 Nov-Dec:e15

Syndrome Resource. Multiple Congenital Abnormalities Associated with Mental Retardation (MCA/MR). 1999 Nov-Dec:e1

Swine Flu.

Web Pages. 2009 Mar-Apr:e21

System Reinvention. 1997 Nov-Dec:e3; 1998 Sep-Oct:e7; 1999 Jan-Feb:e1; 1999 May-Jun:e3; 1999 Mar-Apr:e4; 2000 May-Jun:e3; 2000 May-Jun:e1; 2000 May-Jun:e4; 2000 Nov-Dec:e1; 2000 Nov-Dec:e5; 2001 Jan-Feb:e6; 2001 Jan-Feb:e5; 2001 Jan-Feb:e3; 2001 Mar-Apr:e1; 2001 May-Jun:e2; 2001 May-Jun:e6; 2001 Jul-Aug:e4; 2001 Jul-Aug:e5; 2001 Sep-Oct:e2; 2001 Sep-Oct:e3; 2001 Sep-Oct:e5; 2001 Sep-Oct:e4; 2001 Nov-Dec:e5; 2002 Mar-Apr:e3; 2002 May-Jun:e1; 2002 Jul-Aug:e3; 2002 Sep-Oct:e3; 2003 Mar-Apr:e9; 2003 Mar-Apr:e11; 2003 Jul-Aug:e1; 2003 Sep-Oct:e2;

Systematic Reviews. 2010 Mar-Apr:e17; 2011 Jul-Aug:e10

New PubMed Filter. 2002 Jan-Feb:e7

PuMed Health. 2011 Sep-Oct:e9; 2011 Nov-Dec:e12

Subset in PubMed Updated. 2007 Jan-Feb:e1; 2008 Jan-Feb:e7

Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms see SNOMED Clinical Terms

Szent-Gyorgyi, Albert. Materials Added to Profiles in Science. 2005 May-Jun:e1

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